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Laboratory of Jordan Hamm at Georgia State University




Dr. Hamm’s findings from his postdoctoral work were just published in Biological Psychiatry (Aberrant cortical ensembles and schizophrenia-like sensory phenotypes in setd1a mice.). Results from two-photon calcium imaging and local field potential recordings demonstrate disorganized cortical ensembles in mice with mutations in Setd1a, a newly identified risk genotype with high-penetrance for schizophrenia. These findings converge with similar demonstrations of altered network activity patterns in mouse models of schizophrenia genetic risk, suggesting that schizophrenia may be best understood as a disease of neuronal network “attractors”.

Dr. Hamm will be teaching NEUR 8020: Systems Neuroscience in the spring.


The neuroscience laboratory of Jordan Hamm is located at GSU’s Neuroscience Institute and the Center for Neuroinflammation and Cardiometabolic Diseases in the Petit Science Center in downtown Atlanta.

Projects focus on understanding the cellular- and circuit-level mechanisms of sensory context processing and related schizophrenia biomarkers. We work mainly in awake mouse models, both wildtype and transgenic. Primary techniques are two-photon calcium imaging, multielectrode recordings, opto/chemicogenetics, and exploratory network analyses.

See here for a recent pre-print from an ongoing project.

We are looking for graduate students, postdocs, and research technicians to join the lab! Please contact me directly for more information at (or use the contact section).

Petit Science Center in downtown Atlanta:


View from building: